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Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Executive Education

KLU's executive education portfolio is designed for international managers. It focuses on a blend of logistics, supply chain management and leadership. Through our varied course offering, managers of all different levels will certainly find the right course, which best addresses his or her needs.

The portfolio includes customized corporate training programs tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of a company, an Executive MBA in Leadership & Logistics, annual multi-day events such as the International Summer School on Supply Chain and Logistics Management as well short-term open enrollment seminars covering cutting-edge topics and trends in logistics, leadership and management. 

You can find more information on our course offerings and how our programs can benefit you and your company on the following sites or by contacting us via professional(at)the-klu.org

Executive Education Team

Prof. Dr. Rod Franklin

Adjunct Professor of Logistics and Academic Director of Executive Education


Tel.: +49 40 328707-231
E-mail: rod.franklin(at)the-klu.org

Fabian Berger

Head of Administration & Managing Director KLU / Managing Director KLU Executive Education

Tel.: +49 40 328707-141
E-mail: fabian.berger(at)the-klu.org

Neele Mansfeld

Head of Executive Program Management

Tel.: +49 40 328707-182
E-mail: neele.mansfeld(at)the-klu.org

Holly Fulkerson

Program Coordinator

Tel.: +49 40 328707-181
E-mail: professional(at)the-klu.org