Operations - Executive MBA Logistics | KLU

Julian Michael Böcker, KLU student, Executive MBA

The Operations Dimension

  • How can we operate effectively and efficiently?
  • How can we operate in a sustainable manner?
  • How can we involve everyone in the operation?
  • How can we continuously improve?

Organizational activities do not occur in an isolated manner. Operations impact the workers who perform the work, the society in which the work is performed, the environment and all stakeholders from owners to customers. To create consistent and sustainable value requires leadership not only in thetechnical areas of operations management, but in the areas of socio-economic sustainability and human resource leadership.

The KLU EMBA teaches students effective and efficient operations techniques concerning green and lean operations, how management controls and performance measures can be developed, deployed and used to guide an organization in an effective manner, and how to engage the hearts and minds of employees by leading through listening.

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