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Professor André Ludwig, Associate Professor of Computer Science in Logistics

Teaching at KLU

SAP Laboratory (MSc)

The objective of the module is to provide students with a general theoretical overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems using one of the most popular ERP systems, SAP ERP. To achieve this objective, students will learn how business functions, such as procurement (MM), financial accounting (FI), sales and distribution (SD) and production planning and control (PP) can be supported by SAP ERP. The theoretical knowledge is put into practice and consolidated using an integrated case study, which the module participants will carry out actively in a SAP ERP system.

Management Information Systems (MSc)

Globally networked value chains rely on an efficient management of information in and across organizations. Management information systems (MIS) are responsible for generating information as a resource, providing this resource task-specifically and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making in organizations. Aligned to overall corporate goals MIS support planning, controlling and management tasks on all strategic, tactic and operational levels. The course provides comprehensive and integrative coverage of essential building blocks of MIS, their modeling, management and applications.


Prof. Dr. André Ludwig

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