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Professor Christian Tröster, Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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  • Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

  • van Doorn, Sebastian, Mariano Heyden, Christian Tröster and Henk W. Volberda (2015): Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance: Investigating Local Requirements for Entrepreneurial Decision-Making, Advances in Strategic Management: Cognition and Strategy, 32: 211-239.
  • Tröster, Christian, Ajay Mehra and Daan van Knippenberg (2014): Structuring for team success: The interactive effects of network structure and cultural diversity on team potency and performance, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 124 (2): 245-255.
  • Thau, Stefan, Christian Tröster, Karl Aquino, Madan Pillutla and David De Cremer (2013): Satisfying Individual Desires or Moral Standards? Preferential Treatment and Group Members’ Self-Worth, Affect, and Behavior, Journal of Business Ethics, 113 (1): 133-145.
  • Tröster, Christian and Daan van Knippenberg (2012): Leader openness, nationality dissimilarity, and voice in multinational management teams, Journal of International Business Studies, 43 (6): 591-613.
  • Book Chapters

  • Greguras, Gary, Jim Difendorff, Jane Carpenter and Christian Tröster (2014): Person-Environment Fit and Self-Determination Theory, in: Gagne, Marylène (ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Work Engagement, Motivation, and Self-Determination Theory, Oxford University Press: New York.