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Conference Proceedings

Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1109/ICCSIT.2009.5234431   DOI:

Abstract: The development of enterprise-wide service-oriented architectures (SOA) is a complex task. In most cases, evolutionary approaches are used to deal with the arising complexity. However, most of the existing design methodologies and implementation strategies focus on more technical, service realization specific aspects. Challenges regarding the definition and the management of related service artifacts throughout the whole service lifecycle are neglected. Also the implementation of a lifecycle-encompassing information management infrastructure is not addressed adequately in research and industry. In this paper we introduce a common service management information model (coSIM) that builds a foundation for the management of services and service infrastructures during design-, run- , and change-time.

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Abstract: Die Service-Bereitstellung in Service-Oriented-Computing-Umgebungen wird durch Service Level Agreements (SLA) beschrieben. Aktuelle SLA-Management-Ansätze konzentrieren sich auf bilaterale Service-Provider-/-Requester-Konstellationen, gehen jedoch nicht auf SLA-Management- Anforderungen von Composite Service Providern ein. Diese betreffen das SLA-Management mit Providern von Atomic Services, mit Requestern von Composite Services und deren Abstimmung aufeinander. Ein Composite SLA Management Ansatz muss den Anteil von (Atomic) SLAs beim SLA-Management von (Composite) SLAs berücksichtigen. Der COSMA-Ansatz erlaubt ein integriertes Management von Atomic und Composite SLAs während deren gesamten Lebenszyklus. Er ermöglicht die Abbildung der Abhängigkeiten und Beziehungen zwischen unterschiedlichenSLAs und damit eine Kontrolle, Steuerung und Optimierung der SLA-Management-Aktivitäten.

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Copy reference link   DOI: 10.1109/FSKD.2008.208   DOI:

Abstract: Service provisioning is largely built on agreements specifying the mutual responsibilities of service providers and their customers with respect to functional and non-functional parameters. However, the dynamics that result from the service-oriented computing paradigm in particular in composite services place new challenges onto the management of composite service level agreements which could not be achieved yet. This paper discusses the management of SLAs involved in composite services using the COSMA approach. After introducing the COSMA approach, the usage of COSMAdoc instances for negotiating SLAs in composite services is presented in detail.

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Copy reference link   DOI: 10.5220/0003982502590264

Abstract: A recurring task when managing logistics networks in which logistics companies jointly offer services is the comparison of logistics services based on their underlying processes. The comparison is necessary for the integration of processes, the selection of logistics providers and the evaluation of a company's performance. Due to a high diversity of logistics services and their properties as well as due to the high amount of services automated logistics service comparison is needed to support this task. This paper presents basic requirements and evaluates the state of the art with regard to these requirements. In addition, an initial solution approach providing a solid base for future work is outlined.

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