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Library FAQ

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about using the library and accessing its resources and services.

Library Account

As soon as you become a student at the KLU we automatically generate a user account for you. With your student ID-Card you can then borrow books and benefit from many other KLU services. When you pick up your ID-Card you will be asked to sign a copy of the library regulations. As a faculty or staff member, you will need to pick up your library card at the library INFO desk. As an external user, please set up an appointment to use the KLU Library.

The library is open to all KLU users! Researchers, students and staff: students in the BSc, MSc, and MBA-programs -including exchange students-, PhDs, Post-Docs, resident faculty, external lecturers,  research and teaching assistants and the KLU management team. They also have remote access to the electronic resources (e.g. e-journals, e-books and databases) in our online collection.
Guests (e.g. external researchers, -students and visitors) and alumni can use the library resources on site by appointment.  Remote access to our online collection is not available for guests.

In case you lose your student ID-Card you have to inform Student Services. They will provide you with a new ID-Card as soon as possible. In the meantime however, you will still be able to borrow books from the library. You simply have to show us an identity document, e.g. your passport or your driver’s license, and we will find your lending account in our electronic library system.

The online library user account contains all the information about your book loans and reservations. You can also renew the loan period on your user account provided the return date is not passed. 

You can access your user account via the KLU Library online catalogue. Click on “user account” in the menu bar: you will be asked for your user number and password. The number is your matriculation number (9 digits). The default password is your date of birth with six digits DDMMYY (e.g. 11.04.1986 = 110486). Please change the password for your account after your first login for security reasons. Please note that if you forget your password we can reset it to the default password.

Yes, you have access also from outside the campus. The KLU Library online catalogue is freely available on the Internet to be searched by anybody interested in our resources and work.

Borrowing & Circulation

You can borrow any book, DVD or other material in the library open shelves, except for those marked with a red dot because they belong to the reference collection, which stays in the library (but can be borrowed overnight). Please note that newspapers, journals and magazines are also reference collection. You can access most of our journals online, and benefit from our vast collection of e-journals, e-books and databases available to you in our online library here or on Moodle.

Books with a green dot can be borrowed for 4 weeks; books with a yellow dot (course literature) only for 1 week. Books with a red dot are reference copies and can only be read and used inside the library or if needed borrowed overnight.

Log into your library user account and click on “loans”. There you will find the exact due dates of the media you have borrowed.

We don’t charge any fees if a book is returned late. We believe that you are responsible enough to know when to bring back your borrowed materials. You will automatically receive a reminder a couple of days before the due date. If you do not renew the books in your account or return them to the library, you will receive another reminder. You cannot renew your loan online anymore once the due date is passed. With the final reminder your library account will be blocked. It will only be re-opened once you will have returned the borrowed material to the library.

Please note that if you do not return the materials we will bill you the full amount + fees for their replacement in the library collection.

No. It is not possible to borrow books with your library ID-card on someone else’s account. If you do want to borrow a book for someone else on their behalf (e.g. if you want to do someone a favor) you will need his/her library ID-card.

Yes, in the locker room outside the library entry door you will find a red book return box where you can return your media any time.

Log into your library user account and click on “loans”. Select the book you want to renew with a check mark and click on “renew”. The new due date will be shown.

Please notice that when you renew the loan period, it starts from the moment you do the extension. No additional time is added to the former loan period. In other words, it makes sense to renew the loan period only when this is about to end.

Once the book is overdue you cannot renew your loan online anymore. In that case, please bring the materials to the library in order to ask for a renewal.

The loan period for books with a yellow dot (course literature) cannot be renewed via your user account. Please bring them to the library, where a renewal can usually be made at the INFO desk (unless the material has been reserved by another user).

You can renew a book with a green dot twice on your user account. If you need it for a longer period, please bring the book to the library and we will make a further renewal for you, provided it has not been reserved by another user.

Search the book via the online catalogue. If the book is on loan a link “reserve” will be visible. Click on “reserve” and log in to your user account with your user number and password to complete the reservation. You will then be informed via email when the book is ready for you to be picked up at the library. Your reservation will expire after three days if you do not pick it up on time.

In case you have lost a book from the KLU Library collection, we will ask you to replace it. Please contact the KLU Library as soon as you realize that you have lost the book. We will then work out the details about the replacement (billing etc.).


You can search for books, journals, articles (and much more) simply using our discovery services. Find out more information on this page!

If you are looking for our other search tools, here are a couple of links:

  • Online catalogue (books and e-books only)
  • Research databases (a comprehensive list of full text and fact databases)
  • KLU Journal Viewer (shows some of the most influential journals in Business & Economics; you can also search specific journals by title: just click on the top right search icon)
  • Google Scholar (our resources are linked with the search engine: when the link “Get Full Text at KLU” appears beside the search result, click it and you will be able to get the article from one or more databases)

Use the discovery services or the online catalogue to find the book(s) that you are looking for. Simply enter a relevant term in the search field.
In the search results, click on the title to see where the book is located, how many copies we hold in the library and if there is a copy available for loan at the moment (if all the copies are on loan you can make a reservation for one of those).

Look for the book in the discovery services. After you clicked on the book title in the search results you find the heading Call no. (shelf mark) in the record. The shelf marks are set up in a thematic sorted manner. We recommend you to take a note of the books’ shelf mark when conducting your search in the catalogue so you have the shelf marks at hand when looking for your books.

The KLU Library holds at least three copies of each course book. You can find mandatory and recommended books in the “Course Literature” shelves, after having verified on the online catalogue that the book you are looking for is available for loan. Please note that students are supposed to purchase course books themselves, so we don’t have a copy available for each student.

The KLU Library provides you also with articles. Case studies are purchased by the library and uploaded on Moodle or distributed in class by the instructor.

Check out our course literature lists on Moodle!

There are many other useful libraries in Hamburg. Check out the list on this page: other libraries in Hamburg.

The library offers an extensive information literacy program to train your search skills and supports you while you are writing your thesis, e.g. with our “book a librarian” appointments to get started on your research. Check out this page to know more about the services available.


Yes, the library is equipped with two multi-function printer- and copy machines (located in our copy room), you are welcome to use them within the library opening hours. The printers are connected with the library computers. They can only print or copy black and white. When the library is closed you can use the print room on the 1st floor.

Unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible. However, you can use our library computers for this purpose, or even print directly from an USB stick at the print- and copy machines.

Yes, you can use our two multi-function printers in the library copy room to scan your documents in JPG or PDF, save them to a USB stick or send them to your personal email address. You will find detailed instructions beside each printer. When the library is closed you can use the print room on the 1st floor.

Jackets, coats and bags are generally not allowed in the library. We will kindly ask you to use the lockers in the locker room, just outside the library entry door, to store them away. You can access it with your key card. You will need € 1 to use the locker (the coin will be returned).

We are happy to receive proposals for new books, journals or other media. We also appreciate new ideas about our services or any other kind of suggestions. Please send us your proposal via email or come by the library in person!

Although we are happy to support your research work, we cannot send library materials via mail (or any other delivery services) during your program. We will try to see if the materials might be available to you electronically and/or at another library close to you. We do offer special support while you are writing your thesis, e.g. we can get books for you via Inter-Library Loan.

When you have completed your studies at the KLU you become a KLU Alumni. We automatically change your user status to “Alumni” in our electronic library system. KLU Alumni can continue to use the KLU Library on site, but do not currently have remote access to any electronic resources. Please contact the KLU Alumni Association to learn more about the current special access opportunities available to members of the Association. Alumni still residing in Hamburg may continue to borrow books from the library.


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