Reference Management Software

Start using a reference management software now!

You can use a literature reference management software in order to:

  • Import references via identifier and browser plugin in your personal literature database
  • Sort these references in folders per topic
  • Upload of PDFs in your personal database in connection to the references
  • Use a Plugin for easy in-text citations and insertion of the bibliography once you’ve finished writing
  • Try out various citation styles

These are some of the most used software solutions at universities:

Citavi - The up-and-coming
Citavi offers a free version: up to 100 references, with a possibility to upgrade. For Windows only; Mac version depends on third-party solutions.

EndNote - The classic
Endnote offers a 30-Days trial version. Alternatively, you may use EndNoteWeb (via our KLU license to the Web of Knowledge). To learn more about this option, send us an email.

Mendeley - The cloud option
Mendeley is a free desktop and web software for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.

RefWorks - The online
RefWorks is a web-based OS-independent software available in a 30-Days trial version.

Zotero - The open source
Zotero is a free open source software that integrates with web browsers and word processors.

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