Navid Mohamadi

PhD Candidate

Navid Mohamadi is a PhD candidate in the field of Supply Chain Management at the Kühne Logistics University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sandra Transchel and Prof. Jan Fransoo since Sep. 2018.
Prior to the KLU he received his Master degree in Industrial Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran in Feb. 2017. The title of his Master thesis was “Developing a Stochastic Optimization Model for a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Consideration of Financial and Logistical Risks”. Navid received his Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology in Feb. 2012.
Besides his studies, Navid gained practical experiences as an Inventory Manager in the Tobacco related Industry (RTC Co.) for 2 years, and also as a consultant in supply chain area for 1 year.
His research at KLU is in the field of retail logistics and supply chain management with a specific focus on perishable products.


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