Dr.Sc. (econ.) Minchul Sohn (PhD)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Humanitarian Supply Chain and Logistics

Minchul Sohn is a post-doctoral research fellow at Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg, Germany. His research area includes humanitarian supply chain in both relief and development, humanitarian logistic preparedness, and coordinating mechanisms for disaster preparedness/response. Minchul is currently working on Supply Chain Resilience (SCR) assessment project with HELP Logistics to design a dynamic model that provides support in assessing, quantifying and improving the resilience of humanitarian supply chains in order to best respond to people in need of humanitarian assistance. During his stay in Hanken School of Economics, Minchul has worked as a researcher for several projects, the Certificate Programme - Supply Chain Management (CP-SCM) for the UNHCR as a co-project leader, Academy of Finland funded project SAFE-MET that concerns disaster risk reduction and mitigative preparedness against seasonal climate extremes through the utilisation of seasonal climate information; and DG ECHO funded project MELOGIC, “An Integrated Methodological framework for Emergency Logistics”, which examined emergency logistics problems in the context of forest fire within EU in order to provide an easily applicable integrated methodological framework for optimizing logistics preparedness operations. He received his doctorate in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility from Hanken School of Economics, Finland and master’s degree in logistics and operations management from Cardiff University, UK.


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