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Katharina Eleni Kyratsas, Valerian Jablanovski, KLU students

Brain Capital Financing

Brain Capital financing is an innovative way for students to finance their studies at Kühne Logistics University. In this plan, the KLU tuition fee fund carries the tuition fees for the program up to 100%. Students can pursue their degree without having to pay tuition fees exceeding their financial resources. In return, students commit themselves to make income-dependent payments after graduation.

Please indicate your interest in this financing plan during the admission process. 


  • People from all financial backgrounds have an opportunity to study at KLU.
  • Payments are income-based: if you have little or no income after graduation, the payment obligation is deferred until you can make payments.
  • Under current German law, the payments may be partially or fully tax deductible.

Application steps

Inform yourself about the Brain Capital Scheme

For in-depth questions about how the Brain Capital scheme works you can contact Ms. Manuela Schmidt,

Apply for the Brain Capital Scheme

Only candidates who have been accepted to a study program at KLU can apply for this scheme! If you wish to finance your tuition fee via the Brain Capital scheme please fill in the Brain Capital application form. A positive decision on the application depends on various factors. In any case the number of applications received as well as a regional quota is considered. Indicate the amount that is necessary to cover the tuition or part of the tuition fee but keep in mind that the scheme may not allow a full coverage of your tuition.

Application form