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Katharina Eleni Kyratsas, Valerian Jablanovski, KLU students



Association for Colombian professionals.


COLFUTURO is a joint public and private sector initiative aimed at facilitating the access of Colombian professionals to further education abroad. Created as a non-profit organization in 1991, its mission is to contribute to the entrance of Colombia into a world undergoing globalization offering information about international education and supporting students to have a successful study experience overseas.

COLFUTURO has developed the following programs to achieve these goals:

  • The Scholarship Loan Program designed to finance a significant number of Colombian graduate students abroad thanks to an initial endowment of US$13 million.
  • The Language Improvement Program offers intensive English language courses in several universities that have signed agreements with COLFUTURO. This program is financed through Colombian banking institutions.
  • The Academic Advising Program provides Colombian students information about admission into graduate programs, universities abroad and international education events. It also is in charge of spreading information about COLFUTURO and supports prospective students through person to person sessions and online services.
  • The Work Placement Program assists students financed by COLFUTURO in obtaining suited employment on their return to Colombia with graduate degrees from overseas universities.
  • For postgraduate studies COLFUTURO awards grants, offers internships/traineeships and traveling assistance.


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