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“In the service of democracy, peace and development”– this is the motto that the Hanns Seidel Foundation applies to its work and mission. The aim of the programs for German and foreign scholars is to support junior academics. As per HSS, assisting young and highly qualified foreign academics, especially from ‘Third World’ countries, is an investment in the future with the aim of enabling the trained experts to play their part in the independent further development of their home countries so as to turn these into politically stable and economically strong partners for the entire world. The intention is to avoid conflicts between developing countries themselves and between developing countries and industrial nations and to play a role in paving the way to a peaceful co-existence of all nations on Earth on a political, economic and social level. Scholarships are granted for research projects, internships or the final phase of research studies or doctorates.


  • Applicants must be German or resident students with foreign citizenship as stated in BAföG § 8 (“Bildungsinländer”).
  • The age limit is 32 years.
  • Applicants must be highly qualified foreign scholars with excellent degrees, good knowledge of German and socio-political commitment.
  • The project managers, in cooperation with the HSS’ partner organizations, pre-select promising candidates in the respective countries. Direct applications to HSS cannot be considered.


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