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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung awards scholarships to students and graduates of exceptional academic achievement and outstanding political or social commitment. German scholars are expected to endorse Christian Democratic social and political values. Currently the foundation provides financial support for about 2,000 students. An extensive seminar program is part of the numerous activities offered to its scholars. 
The scholarships with financial and non-material assistance are open to young German students, journalists, and graduate students as well as to young students and graduate students from abroad who study in Germany. 

More than 10,000 alumni worldwide are keeping in touch with each other and with KAS. They are organized in 50 local groups in Germany and abroad. Foreign alumni have formed groups in several countries. 
The foundation also supports writers, artists, and musicians. In cooperation with them, it offers a wide range of exhibitions, readings, symposiums, and workshops. A highly appreciated literary prize is awarded annually to modern authors.  


  • Students from abroad must have a first academic degree.
  • Applicants must have an outstanding academic experience and be social and political committed.
  • The Foundation pre-selects promising candidates in the respective countries. If there is no pre-selection in a certain country, applications cannot be considered. Also, direct applications to KAS cannot be considered. Please check the website to find more detailed and up to date information.
  • KAS does not award scholarships for studies at Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen) or for studying outside Germany.
  • The age limit is 30 years for students from abroad.
  • Applicants must have the German proficiency certificate “Zertifikat Deutsch” (acquirable at Goethe Institut e.g.).
  • Furthermore, applicants must be willing to return to their respective countries after having finished their studies in Germany.
  • Applicants, after their stay in Germany, should desire to work in a responsible national or international position in politics/economy/business/science/administration/journalism/culture.
  • German applicants mustn't have a first academic degree qualifying for profession.
  • The age limit for Germans is 32 years.


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