High Potentials Program | KLU

Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

High Potentials Program

Target Group: 

  • High potentials who have already gained relevant first professional experience in managerial positions

    Program Duration: 16 days (4 modules, 4 days each)

    Method: Interactive lectures, group and project work

    Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Rod Franklin et al.

    Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


    • Competitive strategy in a global economy
    • Thinking critically and making good decisions 
    • Operational excellence and continuous improvement
    • Managing customers for the long term


    The High Potentials Program is conceptualized as a modular program conducted over the period of two years. Each module requires specialized skills and courses customized to the unique needs of the company’s employees. Specific module content will require development work with corporate HR personnel to ensure that the content flows logically and addresses the particular learning objectives that the company has identified for this level of personnel.

    The classes build around team work and self-awareness and create networking opportunities though periodic meetings and work on a joint project. This team project assignment focuses on an issue of strategic importance to the company and keeps the personnel working together throughout the program. The specific nature of the thematic problem that the individuals work on throughout the two year program may alter the content/focus of material that will be presented and discussed in the modules.

    Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

    The High Potentials Program focuses on increasing the value of key regional personnel to the organization. Within the program, participants acquire the key skills and knowledge to advance corporate objectives. The highly customized nature of the program ensures that learning outcomes can optimally be applied to the workplace and the specific requirements of the company and its employees.