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Free mover

KLU welcomes free mover: students from non-partner universities who want to study for only one or two semester and do not graduate at KLU.

Free mover application

Students who wish to study at the Kühne Logistics University and come from an higher education institution which does not have a student exchange agreement with Kühne Logistics University may apply for being a free mover, no matter if they would like to join the bachelor or master program.

Free mover have to have in mind that

  • KLU tuition fees occur and have to be borne by the student. A maximum stay of one year (two semester) is possible.
  • will be enrolled as non-degree students at KLU.
  • they will not be eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship (if applicable).
  • they have to apply for a free mover place and have to meet the application deadline:

    Fall semester (Sept - Dec): April 30th
    Spring semester (Jan - May): Sept 30th

Kühne Logistics University is open to free mover and hopes that they also act as ambassadors of their home institution to broaden the possibility of setting up a student exchange agreement between their university and KLU in the future.

If you are interested and would like to see the application form, please contact Kühne Logistics University's International Office: exchange (at)



International Office

Ulrike Schneider

Head of International Office

Tel.: +49 40 328707-142
E-mail: exchange(at)

Ursula Horst

International Office Assistant

Tel.: +49 40 328707-148
E-mail: exchange(at)