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Accommodation, Visa and Health Insurance

Part of your semester abroad is the preparation period which includes the accommodation, the visa and the health insurance.


The general housing situation in Hamburg is quite tough. Thus, you should arrange your accommodation for your time at KLU as soon as possible.

There are several possibilities:

Or you can choose to stay in a student dorm which you can apply for individually or apply for the limited number of dorm rooms available through KLU. Costs are approx. 450 Euro/month. See below...

Student dorms in Hamburg-Rahlstedt (temporary)

KLU has a limited number of rooms in a student dorm in Hamburg-Rahlstedt. These rooms are reserved for four months (from September until December) for exchange students at KLU (no shorter stay or extension possible!). Only a limited number of rooms are available.

Address: Sieker Landstraße 37, 22143 Hamburg (pl. check Google maps)

The rooms are furnished and range from 11 to 22 sqm. All rooms have telephone, internet and tv connection. You can reach the dorm by public transport (trainline R10 to Rahlstedt / bus no. 462 to Heckende).

Please contact studentservices(at) if you want to apply for a room.



In accordance with international treaties and agreements, Germany does not require a visa from citizens of the EU, Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Honduras, Monaco, Norway, and San Marino. Citizens of all other nations have to obtain a visa to study in Germany. However, there are different kinds of visas and you have to pay attention as not every type of visa is applicable. There are two kinds of visas:

  • Student applicant visa: a visa for applicants for a place to study, valid before university confirmation of acceptance for a maximum of three months. Directly after admission, the student applicant visa has to be converted into a student visa.
  • Student visa: The duration of a student visa is dependent on your available funds to cover your living cost in Germany. In order to receive it, the candidate has to present the official letter of admission of KLU as well as other documents. One of the most important documents is proof of sufficient financial funding to finance the candidate’s stay in Germany for at least the period of the exchange program. Please contact the German diplomatic representation in your home country for more details concerning the application requirements and procedure. It may be advisable to start the visa application process before receiving the admission from KLU as, in some cases, students have to wait for three or more months before getting final confirmation.

Please note that a tourist visa CANNOT be converted into a student visa. Therefore do not apply for such a visa if you want to do an exchange program with the Kühne Logistics University.

If you intend to enter Germany more than once (e.g. after travelling), we recommend that you get a „multiple entry visa“.

Important documents

To ensure that you have all the documents required for your stay in Hamburg, please check the list of essential documents below:

  • valid passport or equivalent document
  • valid student visa, if required (please check above)
  • official letter of admission to the KLU degree program
  • admission kit
  • proof of income
  • original and certified translations of:
    • birth certificate
    • marriage certificate, if applicable
    • secondary school leaving certificate(s)
    • university degree certificate(s) (only for graduate students)
    • international driving license, if you wish to drive in Germany
    • if you are insured by a health insurance company in your home country, a copy of their regulations in German or English and your non-German insurance policy subject to a validity review (only for EU-Nationals).
    • if necessary, essential medical information (in German or English)
    • biometric passport photographs for identification cards

To facilitate and accelerate the visa application process of KLU students, KLU can directly fax a "visa letter of support" to the German embassy or consulate in your home country after having received from you the contact details of the German Diplomatic Representation you intend to apply to.


Health Insurance

When you enroll at KLU, you must demonstrate proof of health insurance as prescribed by German law. Furthermore, you will usually not get a residence permit without proof of adequate health insurance. Foreign health insurance policies are only accepted if the country has an official agreement with Germany. This applies mainly to EU countries.

Students from the EU, including Norway:

There is an EU agreement which guarantees free medical treatment for EU citizens, including Norway, in Germany. Therefore students from these countries should contact the health department in their home country in order to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (which replaces E111 (B), E110, E119 and E128). It is imperative that your health insurance is valid for the whole period of studies; otherwise, please make sure that you are able to renew your insurance from Germany before its expiry date. If you are not covered by statutory health insurance, you must submit confirmation that your stay in Germany will be covered by private health insurance.

Students from other countries:

Students from other countries that have an agreement with Germany regarding social security, including an insurance clause, can continue to be insured in their home countries. If your home country has no agreement with Germany, expect to pay around 80 €/month!

All other students:

Students from other countries that don’t have an agreement with Germany regarding health insurance are required by law to take out a German student health insurance in order to be enrolled.

Students who have spent less than 14 semesters studying at a university and who are under the age of 30 (with some exemptions) are eligible for the Statutory Health Insurance scheme. Expect to pay around 80 €/month!

If you are 30 years old or above, you can opt for a private insurance scheme. However, once you have opted out of the state insurance scheme, it is almost impossible to opt back in. Therefore you should consider very carefully the advantages and disadvantages of both schemes. Non-EU citizens who reside in Germany at least 6 but no more than 60 months can get special health insurance policies with substantially lower premiums.



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