Innovations-Manager | KLU

Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA


Date: 23. – 25. November 2016 | Course language: German

Target Group: 

  • Professionals and managers from the areas of strategy, business development, product management and R & D
  • Project Manager and Project Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Company founders

      Program Duration: 3 days

      Method: Interactive lectures, case study work

      Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Christian Barrot (KLU), Prof. Dr. Jan Becker (KLU); Dr. Detlev Kühl (owner of StartHouse Science & Management Consultants)

      Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


      • Basics of innovation: economic policy framework, implementation, impact, and importance of business ideas
      • Personal innovation competence
      • Strategies to generate innovative ideas and methods for stimulating creativity
      • Processing and evaluating innovative ideas
      • Principles of- and evaluation of business modules including practical exercises 
      • Basics of market research - approaches, data sources, methods and evaluation
      • Practical tips from the fields of innovation, new product development and business development


              The aim of the program is to stimulate the creativity and innovative spirit of the participants and to create a new perspective for the future career within innovative companies, whether corporation, SME or start-up.

              For this purpose, a variety of methods and techniques for identifying and evaluating innovative ideas will be presented, which in turn will be developed into a viable business model based on practical exercises. The combination of individual distance learning and an in-depth intensive workshop allows optimal learning.

              Furthermore, participants will get to know the challenges of innovation management in business. Based on an actual business case, you will develop a holistic view of the current and future interaction of organizational, technical and social changes.

              Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

              The success of the development and implementation of innovation is linked to a large extent with the empowerment and competence of those who are involved in the process. You will learn the key elements of personal innovation skills and deepen your knowledge about your own individual competencies and personality traits.

              Finally, participants will leave the course with powerful insights into innovation issues and a new awareness of additional methods to generate creativity as well as generating solutions for implementation via strategic business models and marketing research.


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