Intercultural Communication and Management | KLU

Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Intercultural Communication and Management

Target Group: 

  • Group/Team leaders
    • Department heads
    • Divisional heads

    Program Duration: 2 days

    Method: Interactive workshops, group work, role plays, case study work

    Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Rod Franklin and Prof. Dr. Christian Tröster

    Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


    • Comparing Cultures
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Social Cognition
    • Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Global Management Challenges


    During the seminar, participants will learn to compare and assess a target culture in relation to one’s own culture of origin and to show self-awareness. They will gain greater insight into their own culture, as well as into their own cultural limitations due to ‘filters’ interfering with objectivity. The seminar will help them recognize the significance of cultural differences in everyday work life, expressed through different behaviors and practices and thus enable them to communicate successfully with people of other cultures.

    Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

    Participants will learn how to be effective in their management roles when dealing with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, how to deal with global management challenges. They will enhance their intercultural skills and learn to apply these to the workplace.

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