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Professor Jan Becker, Associate Professor of Marketing and Service Management

Teaching at KLU

Consumer Behavior (BSc)

The aim of this course is to develop a fundamental understanding of consumer’s behavior. More specifically, students will learn how conscious as well as unconscious thought processes influence customer decision making, predict how customers respond to marketing proposals, and learn how to compete over the structure of consumer preferences. They will be able to empirically assess customer decision making and make reliable inferences from behavioral experiments in order to leverage behavioral research for more effective marketing decisions.

Marketing (BSc)

This course covers the basic principles for the field of marketing and the underlying processes by which companies create value for their customers. The students learn to plan and conduct marketing research projects and interpret the findings, find out about product development, and understand the planning and execution of marketing campaigns, including pricing, advertising, distribution, and sales. The course also discusses the customer-focused relationship marketing and international aspects of marketing. Overall, the goal of this course is understand methods and tools to identify, satisfy, and ultimately keep the customer.

Services Marketing (MSc)

In this course, students are familiarized with the specifics of marketing services as opposed to marketing physical products. They will be able to apply the concepts they have learned in a real context and above all to implement strategic and operational services marketing. Practical examples, especially from the logistics industry, will contribute toward students gaining a practical understanding of the subject matter.

Integration Project II (MSc)

Developing new business ideas and virtually set up a new company is the objective of this course. In small teams, the students go through all processes of establishing a new business, including shaping the basic idea, initial market research, setting up a business plan, developing pricing, branding and communication activities. In this process, the students acquire and apply knowledge on market research and entrepreneurship and advance their communication skills.

Managerial and Scholarly Influence of Marketing Research (PhD)

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to outstanding marketing research and its influence on academia and management while improving their critical reading and presentation skills. Based on award-winning papers, the students are expected to assess the contribution of the research itself as well as its academic and managerial impact. This involves thorough review of related literature.