KLU works with World Economic Forum on Supply Chain Transformation Map


The World Economic Forum has launched its new Transformation Maps. The platform, consisting of 125 maps covering different topics, is now freely available to the public. The map on “Supply Chain and Transport” has been co-curated by KLU.

Have you ever wondered how 3D printing is connected to global governance? How the fourth industrial revolution relates to climate change? With its Transformation Maps, the World Economic Forum is shedding light on questions like these. Developed initially for WEF member organizations and council members only, the interactive Transformation Maps are now available to the public. The map on Supply Chain and Transport has been revised, updated and expanded by Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, and a team of professors from KLU.

“The maps are designed to visualize the complex networks of interconnections between current developments in many different fields”, explained McKinnon. “They cover a broad range of industries, countries, and issues.” A total of 125 maps, ranging from Artificial Intelligence and China to Internet of Things and Sustainable Development, show the megatrends that are reshaping our world.

Each map allows users to identify the major drivers of change in a specific sector. They enable them to drill down from high-level trends to lower level developments, discovering how different issues are interrelated.

For the Supply Chain and Transport map, for example, the most important issues include the digital transformation of supply chains, supply chain sustainability and restructuring global value chains – topics also reflected in KLU’s Key Competence Areas (KCA).

“The maps have been put together by leading universities, think tanks or international organizations with great knowledge in their respective fields”, said McKinnon. “I am delighted that the WEF relied on KLU’s expertise to co-curate the Supply Chain and Transport map!”

Learn more about the WEF’s Transformation Maps. Or dive into the map on Supply Chain and Transport (registration required, free of charge).