Best Paper Award for Work on Bonus Systems

Niels Van Quaquebeke, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at KLU, and PhD candidate Daniel Gläser received the Best Paper Award 2017 of the Journal of Personnel Psychology.

Van Quaquebeke and Gläser won the award for their paper Pay-for-Performance and interpersonal deviance: Competitiveness as the match that lights the fire, co-written with Dr. Suzanne van Gils, Maastricht University. In their paper they examine the effects of bonus systems on employees’ behaviors towards each other and possible risks for the company.

“Pay-for-performance systems are intended to boost the motivation and performance of employees,” Gläser explains. “In our paper, we concentrate on possible negative outcomes of such bonus systems, like aggressive and even harmful behavior among colleagues that  have been overlooked in the past.”

“It is surprising to see that the evidence to implement PfP systems is much weaker than not to do,” Van Quaquebeke adds, “however, it is still a widely used practice.”

The Journal of Personality Best Paper Award is conferred every year, based on nominations by the journal’s Associate and Action Editors.