High-End research does not happen by accident

What our deans are saying

KLU has obtained an excellent research ranking two studies in a row. This can’t be an accident –how did you do it?

One of the main reasons is our appointment policy. Only top-ranking researchers have a chance here. We only postour vacancies with the specialized, international associations.Our tenure track system is very attractive and offers outstanding opportunities for self-improvement. Top researchers are happy to come to KLU because here they are actively competing on an international basis, are judged on their performance only, and can take immediate advantage of ideal research conditions. Recently, a highly qualified applicant for a professorial position told me that he only applied to KLU because the professors who are already onboard at KLU also publish on the highest possible level.

Why is high-end research important for KLU?

We want to be one of the top international players in logistics and management. This is a policy decision directed at staying interesting for industry and our students. To achieve this goal, we need top researchers who work on topical subjects, apply reliable methods, and publish in the top journals. This is the best way to remain established and at the top. And this is our goal –we want to become established as an internationally recognized institution.

At KLU, how does teaching benefit from the excellent research performance?

Oh, there are significant advantages. It teaches our students to ask critical questions because when rigorous research results are integrated into teaching, a very different awareness of the problem is the result. The students learn the material, examine it critically and then acquire it. This major difference benefits the students,regardless of whether they remain in academics or become managers in industry later. And learning from people who have researched the teaching material themselves is very different from trying to learn from someone who has only studied the material.

Good rankings in research obviously are notcontradictory to teaching...

Of course not, they belong together. Where good research performance is combined with an excellent learning environment – like KLU provides with its Career Services, International Office, and program coordination– a creative environment is the result.

By Ulrich Vetter