KLU now has its own PhD Program

Hamburg senate acknowledges KLU´s achievements

After a long journey of 7 years, it is finally done: In late summer, the Hamburg Senate granted KLU the right to confer PhD degrees. With this decision, KLU is one of only 13 among the 113 private universities in Germany permitted to confer their own PhDs.

“It is an ambitious goal we had, and we’ve now come through with it,” says Thomas Strothotte, President of KLU, “The right to confer PhDs marks the pinnacle of the work of many over the years.”

The Hamburg Senate and Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research, and Equal Rights, honored KLU’s performance in research and teaching. Fegebank deemed KLU “a new jewel in the city’s academic crown.”

The Kühne Foundation has decided to mark the kick-off of the doctoral program by providing funding for 10 new 4-year scholarships to be awarded to aspiring academics entering into the program. “This is great news and will give us a real push forward in our research portfolio” says Strothotte. The scholarships will be advertised in early 2018.


Meet some of our PhD candidates