KLU Student at the Top

KLU MSc Student Katja Weiße

KLU MSc student Katja Weiße is one of the best students in economics in the German-speaking region. The 30-year old was nominated to be a "WiWi Talent".

The 17 best students were chosen from a field of over 100 applicants. Among them was Katja Weiße, a student in KLU’s MSc in Management program, who impressed the jury with her excellent grades and extensive CV.

After having acquired professional experience in the tourism industry, Katja began studying at KLU in 2015. She just finished her master’s thesis in the field of international financial accounting. After graduating, she would like to pursue a career in consulting or sales. “I look forward to a job that is demanding and offers a lot of variety,” Katja said. She would like to combine her theoretical and analytical skills with the experience she acquired while working in hotels and for cruise lines in destinations like Munich, Kitzbühel, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and Antarctica.

Apart from her professional and academic achievements, Katja is an active member of Golden Z Club Hamburg Hanse. The organization supports young women who are taking the first steps in their careers by providing them with insight into various jobs plus networking opportunities. Its members also commit to improving the legal, political, economic, and professional situation of women, both regionally and globally.

Alexander Himme, Assistant Professor of Management Accounting at KLU, proposed Katja for the WiWi Talents list. “Katja is not only a very motivated and successful student, but also a real team player. She has strong interdisciplinary skills and always has an eye for the causes of her fellow students.”

Her nomination to be a WiWi Talent means another big step for Katja. She will receive support and counseling tailored to elite economics students and her CV will be distributed to 500 top employers in the German-speaking region.

In addition to her next career move, Katja also has plans for the more distant future. “I can imagine coming back to university in a few years to get a PhD,” she said. “I’d enjoy sharing the practical and professional experience I’ve gained with the next generation of students.”

About WiWi Talents
The WiWi Talents program was introduced in 2005 by WiWi-Online, an online provider of information to students, professors, universities, and companies about studying economics. Twice a year, the program accepts nominations for the best students in this field. To be selected, students must document their excellent grades and submit a recommendation by one of their professors, as well as having practical and international experience and social commitment.

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