KLU Welcomes New Students

BSc And MSc Students Start Their Studies In Hamburg

Nearly 130 new students from 32 countries joined KLU in September at the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic year. To give them a warm welcome, the KLU staff organized a festive reception in the KLU building on September 1.

“Working together – even if you have completely different backgrounds – is an important aspect of learning at KLU. It will help you for the rest of your lives,” said KLU President Thomas Strothotte. He held his speech in the Golden Egg, KLU’s large auditorium, where he also welcomed Dimka Karastoyanova, Associate Professor for Data Science and Business Intelligence, the newest member of the faculty. 

Rod Franklin, the outgoing Dean of Programs, also offered some advice to the international group of new students. “Keep in mind that failures and successes are learning experiences,” he emphasized. “The faculty is always here to help you.”

Dean of Research Jan Becker introduced KLU’s 21 faculty members and pointed out that the incoming students are in good hands, since the Handelsblatt Ranking puts KLU at number five in research among all business faculties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Work moderately, but steadily – and enjoy Hamburg,” were his words of wisdom to the audience. 

And to close the session, Fabian Berger, Managing Director and Head of Administration of KLU, invited the students to participate in the introductory sessions that followed the welcome ceremony.