Meet Our PhD Candidates: Benjamin Korman

Learn about the research of PhD candidates at KLU and why they have given it their all.

What is your research about?
In general, my research investigates when and how social comparisons, that is comparisons we make with other people, motivate or demotivate us. I’m currently testing the theory that a state of mindfulness can positively or negatively affect task performance depending on the social environment in which the task is performed.

What is the most fascinating about your field of research for you?
What I find most fascinating about my field of research is the way in which it ties in with so many aspects of human psychology. We all make social comparisons, whether we like it or not, and these comparisons can be automatic, even subconscious. The frequency with which we make these comparisons, and the people we choose to compare ourselves with, play a major role in shaping our individual reality.

Who will benefit from your research findings?
I think everyone can potentially benefit from my research because it deals with an unavoidable aspect of the human condition.


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