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Graduate MSc Management 2021



Hello, my name is Christoph and my hometown is located close to Kassel, so right in the middle of Germany. After finishing my Bachelor degree in Business Administration in the lovely city of Marburg, I felt like it was about time to continue my studies in a bigger city: Hamburg.

This is what I am up to (hobbies, personal things):

Football, Cooking, Fitness, Music, Quality time with family and friends, Travelling, Fashion. 

These are the subjects which I can also help you on:

Application process, anything concerning life at KLU, questions concerning the MSc in Management.

Why I wanted to study in Germany:

As I really do like living in Germany, and the MSc in Management also offers the possibility to spend a semester abroad, studying in Germany was the best choice for me.

Why I wanted to study at the KLU:

Having experienced the atmosphere of KLU on one of the Open Days, there was no doubt for me to study here. And KLU did not fail to meet my expectations: The professors and the service here are extraordinary. Furthermore, the international environment and the possibilities regarding internships and job consulting really convinced me.

These are my tips for Hamburg:

Better bring some warm and windproof clothes, so you are prepared for our stormy and unpredictable weather here! Except of this, Hamburg is a remarkable place to discover new things, people and locations. Just be open for everything.

What is one piece of advice I would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

Take part in an Open Day, so you have the opportunity to see the location of KLU and you get a general impression of what it feels like to be a student at KLU.

What I hope to do after graduation:

To be completely honest, I do not have an exact imagination of what I would like to do after graduation.

What I like the most about KLU:

As I already mentioned, the international surrounding as well as the whole staff working at KLU are exceptional. In addition, I really do like the location in the middle of the vibrant Hafencity.

I can answer your questions in the following languages:

German, English

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