Dana Katharina Balschuweit KLU

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Graduate BSc Management 2017



Hello, I’m Dana. I come from a small village from the northern part of Germany and I’ve just started my Bachelor at KLU. I really look forward to my time at KLU and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me :-)

We all were in the position of looking for a fitting university and would therefore like to answer your upcoming questions, so that you are able to get a better impression of KLU.



Why I wanted to study in Germany:

I wasn’t sure about where to study- then I heard of The KLU and was inspired! Finally, the maritime Hamburg and KLU’s focus on supporting the personal development of the students convinced me.

Why I wanted to study at KLU:

  • Internationality on Campus
  • Familiar and friendly atmosphere
  • Convincing Bsc Management program

This is what Dana is up to:

  • Circus, vaulting
  • Being with friends and family :-)

These are the subjects which Dana can also help you on:

  • Application process
  • Scholarship
  • Bachelor program
  • Might KLU be the right place for you?

Dana’s tips for Hamburg:

Bring an umbrella ;-)

What is one piece of advice Dana would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

Do not hesitate of visiting the Campus in order to get an impression of the atmosphere, people etc. 

Have confidence in yourself and apply to KLU, if you think it might fit.

What Dana likes the most about KLU:

  • Personal and individual communication between Staff, Professors and Students
  • Opportunity of getting to know different cultures
  • Focus on personal development

Dana can answer your questions in the following languages:

German, French, Spanish, English 

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