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Graduate MSc Global Logistics 2016



I was born in Hamburg, so why should I also do the masters degree in Hamburg? Well, initially I wanted to go abroad but then I found the KLU and that really changed matters for me. I liked the whole program so much, that I just had to sign up for it. Apart from that... we can go for seven months into another country for internship and exchange program, so I didn't completely give up the opportunity to experience other cultures. What also made the KLU very attractive for me is that we have people from all over the world, so all classes are very international and this adds to the special atmosphere at the campus.

Why I wanted to study in Germany:

I am a Hamburger and wanted to stay for my masters in this very beautiful city.

Why I wanted to study at KLU:

The KLU strikes me as an extraordinary university, where you cannot only explore academic content in depth but also be part of a great student life and community in a very attractive city with the possibility to also spend some time abroad.

This is what Katherina is up to:

I love to go sailing on the river Elbe and to be on the water. Furthermore, I like to meet up with my friends for cooking or to just relax at the beach.

These are the subjects which Katherina can also help you on:

Facts about Hamburg and the KLU in general, general and scholarship application.

Katherina ’s tips for Hamburg:

Hamburg is a very nice city but not only you want to come. Therefore, start looking for an apartment rather sooner than later as affordable housing is quite scarce.

What is one piece of advice Katherina would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

Make use of the great opportunity the KLU offers to you in order to get to know the university and to also get a feeling for the city...

What Katherina hopes to do after graduation:

I hope to start in a junior management position in a big and internationally operating company, similar to the one where I have already worked for the past five years.

What Katherina likes the most about KLU:

I like best about the KLU that everybody really lives up to the idea of being part of the community and contributes to it.

Katherina can answer your questions in the following languages:

German, English, Spanish 

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