Louis Van Wambeke KLU

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Graduate BSc Management 2019



I speak 4 languages and I am very interested in the international diversity of KLU students.

Why I wanted to study in Germany:

First, Germany was not on my list but after seeing the KLU, it was on the very top. As I am a fluent German speaker, it was no problem for me to study and live in Germany, but I think that even for non-German speakers, life is quite easy.

Why I wanted to study at KLU:

I really love the fact that we are small classes, so a better communication with the professors. The classes are always connected to a group work or something the students can participate actively. The close contact to professors and staff is a big advantage if you have questions about anything. Furthermore, studying with people from all around the world is a great advantage compared to other universities. As we have more than 30 nationalities, it is great to discover new cultures and interesting backgrounds.

This is what Louis is up to:

I really like doing sports, for example table tennis or just being at the gym at the university, which is good equipped.

These are the subjects which Louis can also help you on:

Just ask me and I will try to help you.

Louis’s tips for Hamburg:

I really enjoy having a run around the Außenalster in the evening, when the sun starts to set. Then, I can recommend you the bars in “Sternschanze”. There is a really good atmosphere to have a drink with friends.

What is one piece of advice Louis would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

Don’t be scared, apply and enjoy!

What Louis hopes to do after graduation:

I am not really sure by now but the Marketing field or the humanitarian logistics field could be options.

What Louis likes the most about KLU:

The cooperation of all the students. Everyone is very open and ready to help you. Then, KLU organizes a lot of events, either good for your studies or good for your social life. They are always fun.

Louis can answer your questions in the following languages:

English, French, German and even Luxemburgish! 

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