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Graduate MSc Global SCM (TriCon) 2019



In challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and experience studying in an international environment, I’ve been able to acquire a toolkit for today’s fast-moving world of business that gives me a competitive edge.

Why I wanted to study in Germany:

A German degree is highly recognized around the world and a direct entry to the German business world.

Why I wanted to study at KLU:

The Tricontinent program at KLU focusses on diversity and provides education beyond academic studies. By living and studying on three continents, I get to know the most important industries in the world and build valuable intercultural skills that help me to develop personally and establish a powerful supranational network during my Master‘s program. Since my Bachelor‘s degree I value how the course modules at KLU develop my analytical thinking and conceptual working to well-balanced amounts. The young and accessible professors with backgrounds in the fields of consulting and supply chain management in major multinational enterprises complement the good learning experience. In my opinion, a KLU degree is a great opportunity to prepare for a career as a global leader as many companies demand a rich profile and a cultural diverse education background from their future managers.

This is what Niklas is up to:

I am into traveling, tennis, literature and art.

What is one piece of advice Niklas would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

Be authentic and follow your academic interests with passion.

What Niklas hopes to do after graduation:

I am looking into a career in strategy consulting with a focus on Operational Strategy and Digital Transformation of Businesses. KLU program leverages my passions for continuous learning, traveling and solving stimulating business problems.

What Niklas likes the most about KLU:

The family like and simultaneously international atmosphere, the high academic standard of our community and the professional staff.

Niklas can answer your questions in the following languages:

German, English, French, Spanish

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