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Graduate MSc Global Logistics 2013



I applied to KLU to equip myself with the essential skills and technical knowledge to fulfill my dream of setting the foundation of a strong and reliable platform in Egypt on which a competitive and efficient Logistics and Supply Chain System would optimally perform and function.

This is what Omar is up to:

I intend to expose myself to new experience of life in the duration of my study at THE KLU.

These are the subjects which Omar can also help you on:

Anything in my capacity to help.

Omar’s tips for Hamburg:

I am sure that Hamburg is a charming place to enrich your studies and to try new things in life.

What is one piece of advice Omar would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

If you wish to become an expert Logistics Manager with wide knowledge of the business world…Make THE KLU on the top of your list.

What Omar hopes to do after graduation:

Apply what I learned to provide a strong base for an efficient Supply Chain System in Egypt.

What Omar likes the most about KLU:

The relatively wide diversity of students.

Omar can answer your questions in the following languages:

Arabic, English

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