Soeren Meyer klu

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Graduate MSc Global Logistics 2016



I love to discover the world! Will you join me?!

Why I wanted to study in Germany:

Well, the KLU is located in Germany… that’s a good reason, isn’t it?! :-)

Why I wanted to study at KLU:

KLU is THE Logistics University offering real international education and connections to businesses.

This is what Sören is up to:

Archery, Fitness and Friends

These are the subjects which Sören can also help you on:

All kind of insurances.

Sören ’s tips for Hamburg:

Hamburger Michel, Dialog im Dunkeln, Hamburg Dungeon, Planetarium Hamburg, Kiez, Elbstrand, Alster.

What is one piece of advice Sören would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

Apply as soon as possible and make it a special.

What Sören hopes to do after graduation:

Supply Chain Planning

What Sören likes the most about KLU:

The atmosphere and its efficiency in administration.

Sören can answer your questions in the following languages:

German and English 

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