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Graduate MSc Global Logistics 2014



I’m a student in the Global Logistics class 2014. I’m interested in logistics and I’ve been in Hamburg for 4 months already, I am enjoying it here a lot. You are free to ask any questions about the university : )

Why I wanted to study in Germany:

The reason I chose Germany is because of the location and education. Most of my friends chose England or the United States, but I wanted to go somewhere which is cool and unique. Then I thought Germany could be a nice choice. Plus Hamburg is famous for its harbor and its logistics, so it is a good opportunity to study here. What is more, the high standard of education is renowned in the world.

Why I wanted to study at KLU:

All the subjects are attractive to me, and the professors have really strong academic backgrounds in logistics.

This is what Yimin is up to:

  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering in Beijing Wuzi University
  • Internship in Beijing COAC International Forwarding Co., Ltd.
  • Excellent Volunteer of Junior Achievement
  • Project for China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation First Academy
  • Publication in 2011 IEEE, International Conference on Automation and Logistics

These are the subjects which Yimin can also help you on:

  • Application process
  • Living in Hamburg
  • Curriculum/ Global Logistics Program

Yimin’s tips for Hamburg:

Hamburg is a really international and dynamic city and you are free to speak English here. If you decided to study here Hamburg will surely not disappoint you.

What is one piece of advice Yimin would give to a prospective student interested in KLU?

If you are interested in Germany, Logistics and/or Supply Chain Management, and want to study in an international class, KLU is a definitely wise choice for you. When you do team work, you will be surprised and impressed by the different standpoints due to various countries.

What Yimin hopes to do after graduation:

After my graduation in 2014 I want to work in an international company in the logistics field.

Right now (January 2015) I am working at Goodgame Studios (Hamburg) as a trainee in the Product Management .

What Yimin likes the most about KLU:

The university is really international and accessible; I can enjoy the lecture in a small group. During the past months, I’ve learnt a lot from classes and also from my colleagues.

Yimin can answer your questions in the following languages:

Chinese (Mandarin), English 

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