IT Security in Logistics Application

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Maurizio Talamo

Professor of Information Security and Computer Science, Pro-Rector for Innovation Management

University of Rome

On Mai 6th, 2015 Maurizio Talamo ( Professor of Information Security and Pro-Rector of the University of Rome) will give a lecture on the topic: "IT Security in Logistics Application." The lecture is open to the public. Space is limited, so please register ahead of time.


Freight shipping and logistic networks constitute one of the critical infrastructures in our hyper connected world. The IT layer employed to mange and support the transport of goods therefore is a high value target and its protection is crucial from a logistics company perspective but also for the economy overall. Further monitoring the data flow in the IT system can provide evidence of security relevant anomalies in the “real” world with regard to moving goods and equipment. IT security therefore is of high priority and must closely be aligned with the relevant processes it needs to protect.  In my talk I will focus on IT security aspects that address a number of current challenges highly relevant for the logistics sector. I will discuss the application of process mining techniques for compliance checking (including tracing, monitoring and certification), methods for the just in time detection of anomalies and for large amounts of data (both for the IT system itself as for moving goods and equipment), as well as methods for the detection of multilevel, distributed and long term attacks with sparse or incomplete data using causal graphs. The latter type of attacks has negligible short term but serious long term consequences and is particularly difficult to detect. The findings will be relevant for shippers not only to prevent security events but to identify potential areas to further efficiency increases.


Maurizio Talamo is full Professor of Computer Science and Pro-Rector responsible for Innovation Management (third mission) at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata. He is President of the University Foundation INUIT-Tor Vergata (
Prof. Talamo designed, implemented and managed key ICT infrastructure projects for the Italian government including the issuing and service infrastructure for the Italian electronic identity card, the National Centre for Demographic Services and the security architecture for the National Agriculture Information System. He is frequently called as a member of government commissions in the Italian Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Prof Talamo participated in many EU funded R&D projects; most recently he coordinated the thematic network SSEDIC (Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community) which involved more than 200 international experts on digital identity management. At ITU – the standardization organization of the United Nations - Prof. Talamo is involved in study group 17 (security) and he is a member of the TSB Director’s Ad hoc Group on Education about Standardization.
As a founder of successful ICT start-ups in Italy and the US and author of many international patents Prof Talamo deeply cares about optimizing innovation management at the University evel. His goal is to develop a strong innovation ecosystem in the University environment that fosters the creation of patents and spin-off companies to build competitive advantage for researchers and entrepreneurs in Europe. Prof. Talamo authored numerous scientific papers and international patents. Currently his research focuses on: bio-informatics, cyber security, certification and security in the internet-mediated cooperation between information systems, information integration, process mining and identity and trust management in cooperative information systems.

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