Pay in the 21st century: A 360° perspective

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  • Kühne Logistics University (Grosser Grasbrook 17, 20457 Hamburg)

Including experts from academia and business, this symposium aims to present a variety of perspectives on pay in organizations. Doing so, we seek to pave the way for an evidence-based discussion on the role of pay for future work and organizations. The different perspectives will include the theoretical as well as practical determinants, evidence on the effectiveness of pay for performance as well as its potential collateral damages, and the role of pay in shaping short-term behavior as well as long-term organizational culture.

  • Prof. Jason D. Shaw, Shaw Foundation Chair in Business, Nanyang Business School
  • Dr. Daniel Gläser, Consultant and Coach, subject: RESOUL
  • Dr. Yvonne Garbers, Postdoc, Christian Albrechts University zu Kiel
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Haussmann, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry Hay Group

The speaker forum of the symposium will take place from 3.30 to 5.30 pm with the following topics:

Prof. Jason D. ShawThe science of performance-based payFinancial incentives such as boni and merit pay belong to the most important instruments in organizations to increase the motivation and performance of employees. At the same time, there is much debate if they really work or may even lower motivation. Targeting this issue, this talk will summarize the current evidence on financial incentives in order to clarify if and under which conditions they fulfil their target. It will particularly provide first results from the IMPACT research projects, which is a unique global study on financial incentives with companies from over 50 different countries.
Dr. Daniel GläserThe collateral damages  of pay-for-performanceWhile, Pay-for-Performance systems may come with some intended effects, there are sometimes also unintended collateral damages. As such, this talk will present research showing how Pay-for-Performance can increase aggressive interpersonal behaviour, especially when employees are high in individual competitiveness. 
Dr. Yvonne GarbersThe effectiveness of team-based rewardsFinancial incentives are an effective management tool designed to improve employee performance and satisfaction. As work is increasingly carried out in teams, the question arises as to whether financial incentives are also usable in this context. The presentation provides information on the effectiveness of different forms of distribution and framework conditions for the application of team-based rewards.
Prof. Dr. Thomas HaussmannThe future of performance-based payThis talk will discuss the future of performance-based pay against the background of current trends in organizations such as the digital transformation. Amongst others, it will lay out why variable pay may generally lose importance and team-based pay might become more important in organizations. Furthermore, it will discuss the challenges for pay in agile organizations. 

In the second part of the symposium, we invite you to a research reception from 5.30 to 6.30 pm. Prof. Shaw and all other researchers will be approachable during this reception to facilitate focused and individualized discussions on specific aspects of pay as well as opportunities for creating research-based evidence. There will also be the opportunity to further discuss the global IMPACT project.

As not all participants may be able to attend the research reception due to space constraints, please indicate if you want to participate in the research reception when registering for the symposium.

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