Alan McKinnon talks about World Bank study at conference in Nanjing, China

Alan McKinnon

Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, will be speaking at a conference in Nanjing, China, organized by the Chinese Federation of Purchasing and Logistics (CFLP) on October 22. At the conference dealing with the subject of logistics skills, McKinnon will present a study he conducted together with Kai Hoberg, Associate Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Strategy, and PhD candidate Christoph Flöthmann on behalf of the World Bank.

“In its biennial Logistics Performance Indicator (LPI) the World Bank takes a close look at the performance on trade logistics of 160 countries,” explains McKinnon. “One of the criteria rated is Competence and Quality. Here, we have seen substantial skill shortages in logistics worldwide.” So McKinnon, Hoberg, and Flöthmann conducted a global survey commissioned by the World Bank to examine the nature, scale, and causes of the problem.

The World Bank study Logistics competences, skills and training: A Global Overview will be published in late October.