And the Oscar goes to…

On Friday, 13th it was once again time to say “and the Oscar goes to…” at KLU.

For the second time the Master of Science classes at KLU have produced 28 short and very diverse videos on human issues in organizations. Under guidance of the KLU Professors for Leadership and Organizational Behavior Niels Van Quaquebeke and Christian Tröster the videos explore topics such as personality, intelligence, stress, motivation, justice, decision-making, prejudice, discrimination, culture and change in organizations.

The winners are:

Best actress from the movie “Prejudice and Discrimination”
Sina Schmidt
Together with team: Giacomo Ricca and Carla Soriano

Best Actor from the movie “Stress Less”
Jannes Kruse
Together with team: Enogra Guenigo, Karla Kaufmann, Brede Müller

Best Movie “Justice”
Dmitry Chechevishnikov, Niclas Meyn, Sachin Panchakshari Salimath, Zandra Kullman

Best Special Effects for “Team Processes”
Gerhard Hafström, Fabian Roggemann, Octavio Solano Villalaz

Best Costume for movie “Self and Identity”
Christian Carreri, Arbnora Dervishaj, Timo Dünnleder, Oliver Torres Ruiz

Honourable mention for “Stereotypes”
Anton Gryzunov, Magnus Mohus; Sina-Maria Schoenlein together with the International School Hamburg

Best Production for movie “Coca”
Pamela Adlerstein Dominguez, Ivana Boric, Rikky Curtis, André Eikenkötter