Code of Conduct workshop at KLU: We Are All Ambassadors!

Pinboard with the word values

The first Code of Conduct workshop at KLU took place on September 6 as a first step in developing a code of conduct shared by all members of Kühne Logistics University. Sixty members of KLU – mostly students, but also PhD candidates, alumni, management staff, and faculty representatives – joined together to build a unique community by shaping the “KLU Code of Conduct.”

A set of shared values, the code of conduct’s goal is to promote mutual respect, fairness, tolerance, and integration, especially in view of the high number of foreign students at KLU. It is intended as a living document that the whole KLU community has been invited to shape and implement. The workshop participants were split into four task forces and asked to translate existing standards of good practice, such as treating each other with respect and supporting one another, into general guidelines for daily campus interaction.

The Communication and Classroom & Teamwork Culture task forces compiled a set of guidelines for improving the interaction on campus. Advice like being respectful, polite, and on time may seem redundant, but precisely because such standards of good behavior seem so obvious, they are often readily overlooked. Clarifying a set of ground rules can help make communication more effective and teamwork a more pleasant experience for all.

A third task force, Welcome to Germany!, performed role-plays to sensitize the community to the German way of life. The foreign students found answers to questions about everyday interaction in German restaurants and shops, and on public transportation, and the Germans got an idea of how their country is viewed abroad. Finally, the Being an Ambassador group developed a model for how the members of the KLU community could act as ambassadors. We are ambassadors of the KLU, but also of our respective cultures, families, nations, etc. This entails certain responsibilities for all of us.

In the next step, the standards of good practice and the results of the workshops will be developed into a code of conduct to be published on the KLU website and posted in the classrooms. By voluntarily committing to the KLU Code of Conduct, students and staff communicate a shared sense of community and values, not only on campus, but to the outside world as well.