DFG to Fund Research Project by Christian Tröster

Professor Christian Tröster in the KLU faculty lounge

Dr. Christian Tröster has acquired a research project on the regular funding track of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The assistant professor of leadership and organizational behavior at Kühne Logistics University will start researching in depth on a project entitled “Social Comparison Processes and Leadership in Organizations”. The DFG will fund the scientific project with € 235,000 over the next three years.

“My colleagues and I had previously published a study that challenged the established leadership theories, but new findings always raise new questions. Therefore, I am very happy about the DFG’s decision because it will enable me to further develop and test our theory on social comparison processes and organizational leadership in the coming years,” said Tröster.

“For a research oriented university like ours, this is very good news indeed,” said KLU’s president, Dr. Thomas Strothotte. “The DFG’s recent decision underlines the fact that our focus on top conditions for research and outstanding academic personalities is continuing to pay off.”

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