Distribution by Drone is Being Over-Hyped

Alan McKinnon on stage at conference

Around 400 guests from 16 European countries were at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) on April 1st for the International Conference on Logistics and Innovation in Amsterdam. Lessons for the future came from Germany, the current number one in logistics world ranking.

In a wide-ranging review of future logistics trends, Alan McKinnon of the Kühne Logistics University was very positive about companies increasingly working together in the form of horizontal collaboration in the chain. “A good example of this is the sharing of distribution centers to save on vehicle kilometers. The environment and the cost of fuel are likely to be major drivers of logistics change over the next 15 years. Improvements in the energy efficiency of trucking is likely to narrow rail’s current carbon advantage over road”, McKinnon said.  He reckoned that “mass use of 3D printing and distribution by drone are currently being over-hyped”.

The guests of the conference came for an update on the trends and innovations in Logistics and Supply Management and the state of the affairs in the Netherlands. An important topic was what needs to be undertaken to make the Netherlands the global market leader by 2020.

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