European Logistics Association Workshop at KLU

Participants of ELA doctoral workshop in the KLU foyer

From June 25 – 28, Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg hosted the 19th ELA Doctoral Workshop (European Logistics Association) for the first time. Seventeen PhD candidates from Austria, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the UK, and Germany were selected to present their PhD projects at the workshop.

Professors Pietro Evangelista (Chairman - University of Naples), Mohamed Naim (Cardiff University), Manfred Gronalt (University of Natural Resources and Life Science), and Sandra Transchel (Kühne Logistics University) were the workshop moderators. Prof. Eric Ballot (Centre de Gestione Scientifique Mines ParisTech) gave the keynote speech on “Research avenues and challenges opened in logistics by new trends in information technology.”

After two days of presentations, the workshop participants visited the port of Hamburg. Prof. Rod Franklin (Kühne Logistics University) was the speaker at the gala closing dinner and in his function as the chairman of the ELA-Research Committee, Prof. Hans-Christian Pfohl (TU Darmstadt) presented the workshop certificates.

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