KLU receives 5-Year German Council of Science and Humanities Accreditation

April 28, 2015 marks a milestone in the history of KLU. After an extensive auditing process, the German Council of Science and Humanities has accredited Kühne Logistics University – Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Logistik und Unternehmensführung for five years.

KLU founder Klaus-Michael Kühne is extremely satisfied: “My vision has turned into reality very quickly here. KLU is a unique center of excellence for research and teaching in the areas of supply chain management, global logistics and management. It is the proud flagship of my foundation’s logistics-related activities – there is no other university like it in the world.”

“We were happy that they examined us so thoroughly,” said Dr. Thomas Strothotte, president of KLU. “After all, we find our concept 100% convincing and can look back at a success story that spans almost the entire five years since our founding in 2010.”

The German Council of Science and Humanities audited KLU’s guiding principles, profile and strategic planning for 2014. It paid close attention to the university’s management structure, organization and administration, research, and teaching. The services for students, continuing education programs, equipment and financing were also put to the test. KLU’s self-assessment was 92 pages long, with an appendix of 3,096 pages. The audit climaxed in a 2-day session on the KLU campus in October 2014, during which a delegation from the council conducted extensive talks with all of the university’s internal and external stakeholders.

The results of the two most important university-related rankings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – the Handelsblatt research rankings and the CHE university rankings – were published in November and December 2014, and KLU was among the top-ranking universities in both. “This impressively highlights the extremely successful trend in research, teaching and university organization we have established in only a few years,” commented Dr. h.c. Sönke Albers, KLU’s dean of research.

The German Council of Science and Humanities accreditation and the outstanding ranking results represent an excellent, secure foundation for KLU’s further development. “This is confirmation and an incentive at the same time,” said President Strothotte. “Our next goal is to achieve the right to award doctorates.” He also would like to expand the number of professors and the university’s partnerships with business.