Logistics Decarbonisation Workshop at KLU

Sandra Transchel presentation

Kühne Logistics University hosted a Logistics Decarbonization workshop today (May 5) in Hamburg as part of a broad research project. Some of the top specialists in the field from a range of European countries, India and South Africa were in attendance.

In a presentation entitled “Supply Chains 2020: Impulses, Ideas and Innovations,” Transchel took a detailed look at the value chain with a particular focus on the wholesale and retail industries. The topic of this year’s Wholesale Day, which has multiple links to today’s Germany-wide Logistics Day, addresses the future challenges and opportunities of the wholesale sector. A development affecting producers poses a special challenge: many traditional B2B relationships are undergoing a transformation process and becoming B2C relationships. Wholesalers must meet this trend with innovative concepts and strategies. Around 100 participants from medium-sized wholesale companies attended the event in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

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