Respectful and Effective Leadership – Managing people and organizations in turbulent times

Niels Van Quaquebeke smiling

Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke, professor at Kühne Logistics University, was invited to showcase a symposium at the 17th European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (eawop) conference from May 20-23 in Oslo, Norway. eawop is the leading conference in Europe on this field of psychological research.

His research on respect being a close match with the conference theme “Respectful and Effective Leadership”, Van Quaquebeke followed the invitation and discussed with colleagues various topics surrounding the issue of respect in organizations. Part of the showcased symposium was work by Prof. Dr. Christian Tröster, who is also a professor at KLU, Catharina Decker, who is currently a PhD at KLU, and Suzanne van Gils, who used to be a postdoc at KLU.

In general the conference focused on Europe and the world as both are facing turbulent times that pose serious challenges to employees, teams, organizations, nations and leaders. Leaders with responsibility for both employees and results have to deal with globalized competition, cost reduction, mergers and downsizing as everyday challenges. How can they manage respectfully and at the same time, create and maintain an effective organization? The conference aimed to provide answers to this key question. The conference title, “Respectful and Effective Leadership – Managing people and organizations in turbulent times,” best expresses today’s challenges.

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