Secondary Data in Operations Management Research PhD Course

Group of PhD students and professors

In the doctoral seminar, Professor Vinod Singhal introduced empirical research approaches in operations management to PhD students from KLU and other universities.

In a four-day seminar, PhD students from KLU and external PhD students from the University of Cologne, TU Berlin and WHU had the opportunity to work with a distinguished scholar who provided insight into his field of research. Professor Vinod Singhal discussed how operations management researchers use publicly available secondary data to analyze the effect of operations decisions on corporate performance. They use metrics related to shareholder value and operating performance.

The course’s goal is to review and discuss the emerging research that links operations decisions to corporate performance. It highlighted the research methods and statistical techniques that are being used to measure the short-term and long-term impact of stock prices, the effects of stock price volatility and operations decisions on operating performance, data sources and approaches that can be used for conducting research using secondary data, and issues related to sample collection and hypotheses development. Prof. Kai Hoberg, associate professor of supply chain and operations strategy at KLU, invited Professor Singhal to teach the session. He comments: “I feel that this type of research is relevant for all PhD students, since it highlights the value supply chain management can provide to a firm.”

Professor Vinod Singhal is the Dunn Family Professor of Operations Management at Georgia Institute of Technology’s Scheller College of Business. He has published extensively in academic and practitioner publications, and has been invited to present his research at nearly 100 practitioner conferences and 80 universities in 40 different countries. His research is extensively cited in the media, including Business Week, The Economist, and Fortune.

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