State Approval for Kühne Logistics University

Thomas Strothotte smiling in the KLU faculty lounge

Hamburg’s university landscape has just become richer – permanently. The Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg granted permanent state approval to Kühne Logistics University (KLU) today. With its focus on logistics, management and leadership, KLU offers the world a unique research and teaching program.

“I am very pleased about the successful outcome of the approval process for Kühne Logistics University and congratulate everyone involved,” said the university’s founder, Dr. h.c. Klaus-Michael Kühne. KLU President Thomas Strothotte was also overjoyed: “Our philosophy is simple: quality trumps quantity. We focus on providing an excellent environment for studying and conducting research. We do not compromise in these areas – and this policy is paying off.

In her congratulatory statement, Science Senator Katharina Fegebank emphasized the university’s positive impact on Hamburg. “My congratulations to KLU on its permanent approval. The successful German Council of Science and Humanities accreditation honors its outstanding performance in teaching and research,” she said. “Its publication activities in particular have enriched Hamburg’s university landscape.”

Previously, the German Council of Science and Humanities assessed KLU’s teaching and research performance and the resources the university applies to achieve it in detail. The results were positive and the Council accredited the university on April 24 of this year.

In 2010, the Hamburg Senate approved KLU as an academic university for a five-year probationary period. Supported jointly by the federal government and the state governments, the German Council of Science and Humanities’ mission is to create proposals for the contextual and structural development of science, research and universities. Before a state can grant an institution of higher education permanent certification, the Council must accredit it.