Support Your KLU Beer Hero

can of beer and special packaging solution from KLU student

When KLU global logistics student Andrew Snider from the US is not kayaking, he is thinking up ideas for reducing packaging…

In line with this train of thought, he entered the BeerHero2015 competition from Anheuser-Busch InBev. The company invited people to submit their ideas on three different topics, one of which was about how AB InBev could reach its 2017 goal of reducing packaging by 100,000 tons. Andrew came up with three innovations to help them achieve this goal.

His first idea is to ship beer using ISO tanks, which would reduce packaging at the bottling site and allow the company to source the bottles where they are actually consumed (carbon footprint reduction).

The second idea: To ramp up the marketing/distribution of "mini-kegs," which would significantly reduce beer packaging compared to regular bottles or cans.

The third idea has to do with the redesign of the six-pack cardboard packaging. There are ways to make the packaging customer-friendlier while cutting down on the material at the same time.

“I think my ideas can help AB InBev achieve its goal, but now I need your help to take them to New York and pitch it to a group of executives,” said Andrew.

Support Andrew and submit your vote here: We wish Andrew all the best for his ideas!