Talking about zero emissions delivery

Björn Hannappel, Head of Responsibility Strategy & Standards at Deutsche Post DHL Group, gave a guest lecture outlining the company’s ambitious goal of reducing emissions on April 11, 2017.

Hannappel gave KLU Masters students a very informative and inspiring lecture about DHL’s environmental achievements over the past ten years and its ambitious environmental plans for the period up to 2050. The company’s Mission 2050: Zero Emissions plan was only recently launched and this was the first occasion on which it was presented to an external audience.

Hannappel explained how in recent years the company has been able to cut its overall carbon emissions while increasing total revenue. It has also managed to achieve its target of cutting the carbon intensity of its operations by 30% between 2008 and 2020 four years early.  By 2050, the company plans to emit ‘zero emissions’ from its logistics activities.  DHL has also set a series of interim targets for 2025 to ensure that it is on the right path to achieve its ‘mission 2050’. This includes a 50% improvement in the carbon efficiency of logistic activities it performs itself and subcontracts to outside carriers (compared to 2007). It also plans to operate 70% of their own first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions, such as bikes and electric vehicles by 2025.  To help them reach this clean target DHL has acquired StreetScooter, a German-based manufacturer of electric vehicles and cargo-cycles.

During and after his lecture his lecture, Hannappel was questioned on various aspects of the strategy, including the derivation of the new target, the difficulty of applying it internationally across DHL’s global operations and the challenge of gaining the necessary commitment from internal and external stakeholders.

In thanking Hannappel for his presentation, Professor Alan McKinnon commented that DHL was setting an excellent example to the industry and wished the company well with the implementation of this very bold plan.

Details of DHL’s new environmental target and plan can be found here.