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The KLU faculty, post-docs, and PhD candidates regularly publish the results of their research in scientific journals. You will find a complete overview of all KLU publications below (e.g. articles in peer-reviewed journals, professional journals, books, working papers, and conference proceedings). Search for relevant terms and keywords, or filter the list by name, year of publication or type of publication. The references include DOIs and abstracts where available, and you can download them to your own reference database or platform. We regularly update the database with new publications.

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  • Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

  • Fischer, Marc and Alexander Himme (In press): The Financial Brand Value Chain: How Brand Investments Contribute to the Financial Health of Firms, International Journal of Research in Marketing.
  • Herr, Oliver and Asvin Goel (in press): Minimising total tardiness for a single machine scheduling problem with family setups and resource constraints, European Journal of Operational Research.
  • Hoberg, Kai and Christoph Flöthmann (In press): Career Patterns of Supply Chain Executives: An Optimal Matching Analysis, Journal of Business Logistics.
  • Mölders, Christina, Niels Van Quaquebeke and Maria P. Paladino (In press): Consequences of Politicians’ Disrespectful Communication Depend on Social Judgment Dimensions and Voters’ Moral Identity, Political Psychology.
  • Ottemöller, Ole and Hanno Friedrich (In press): Opportunities of sectoral freight transport demand modelling, Case Studies on Transport Policy.
  • Pinçe, Çerağ, Mark Ferguson and L. Beril Toktay (In press): Extracting Maximum Value from Consumer Returns: Allocating between Remarketing and Refurbishing for Warranty Claims, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  • Schuh, Sebastian C., Niels Van Quaquebeke, Anja S. Göritz, Katherine Xin, David De Cremer and Rolf van Dick (In press): Mixed feelings, mixed blessing? How ambivalence in organizational identification relates to employees’ regulatory focus and citizenship behaviors., Human Relations.
  • Schuh, Sebastian C., Niels Van Quaquebeke, Natalija Keck, Anja S. Göritz, Katherine Xin and David De Cremer (In press): Does it take more than ideals? How counter-ideal value congruence shapes employees' trust in the organization, Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Shehu, Edlira, Jan U. Becker, Ann-Christin Langmaack and Michel Clement (In press): The Brand Personality of Nonprofit Organizations and the Influence of Monetary Incentives, Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Yatskovskaya, E. (In press): Measuring and ranking companies’ sustainable water use by using formative indicators, International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management.
  • van Gils, Suzanne, Michael A. Hogg, Niels Van Quaquebeke and Daan van Knippenberg (In Press): When Organizational Identification Elicits Moral Decision-Making: A Matter of the Right Climate, Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Van Quaquebeke, Niels and Will Felps (In press): Respectful inquiry: A motivational account of leading through asking question and listening, Academy of Management Review.
  • Besiou, Maria and Luk N. Van Wassenhove (In press): Closed-Loop Supply Chains for Photovoltaic Panels: A Case-Based Approach, Journal of Industrial Ecology.
  • Bansal, Saurabh and Sandra Transchel (In press): Managing Supply Risk for Vertically Differentiated Co-Products, Production and Operations Management.
  • Becker, Jan U., Michel Clement and Marcus Nöth (In press): Start-ups, incumbents, and the effects of takeover competition, Journal of Business Research.
  • Wiemer, Anita, Christina Mölders, Sebastian Fischer, Wolfram Kawohl and Wulf Rössler (In press): Effectiveness of Medical Rehabilitation on Return-to-Work Depends on the Interplay of Occupation Characteristics and Disease, Journal of occupational rehabilitation.
  • Wagner, Stephan M., Kristoph Ullrich and Sandra Transchel (In press): The game plan for aligning the organization, Business Horizons.
  • Becker, Jan U. and Sönke Albers (2016): The limits of analyzing service quality data in public transport, Transportation, 43 (5): 823-842.
  • Hunter, Mark Lee, Luk N. Van Wassenhove and Maria Besiou (2016): The New Rules For Crisis Management, MIT Sloan Management Review, 57 (4): 71-78.
  • Koenig, Matthias and Joern Meissner (2016): Risk minimising strategies for revenue management problems with target values, Journal of Operational Research Society, 67: 402-411.
  • Kunz, Timo P., Sven F. Crone and Joern Meissner (2016): The effect of data preprocessing on a retail price optimization system, Decision Support Systems, 84: 16-27.
  • Maecker, Olaf, Christian Barrot and Jan U. Becker (2016): The effect of social media interactions on customer relationship management, Business Research, 9 (1): 133-155.
  • McKinnon, Alan C. (2016): Freight Transport Deceleration: Its Possible Contribution to the Decarbonisation of Logistics, Transport Reviews: 1-19.
  • Meyners, Jannik, Christian Barrot, Jan U. Becker and Jakob Goldenberg (2016): The Role of Mere Closeness: How Geographic Proximity Affects Social Influence, MSI Report, Marketing Science Institute: Cambridge, MA, 16-106.
  • Steinker, Sebastian, Mario Pesch and Kai Hoberg (2016): Inventory Management under Financial Distress: An Empirical Analysis, International Journal of Production Research, 54 (17): 5182-5207.
  • van Loon, Patricia, Lieven Deketele, Joost Dewaele, Alan C. McKinnon and Christine Rutherford (2016): A comparative analysis of carbon emissions from online retailing of fast moving consumer goods, Journal of Cleaner Production, 106: 478-486.
  • Van Quaquebeke, Niels (2016): Paranoia as an Antecedent and Consequence of Getting Ahead in Organizations: Time-Lagged Effects Between Paranoid Cognitions, Self-Monitoring, and Changes in Span of Control, Frontiers in Psychology, 7.
  • Burmester, Alexa B., Jan U. Becker, Harald J. van Heerde and Michel Clement (2015): The impact of pre- and post-launch publicity and advertising on new product sales, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32 (2): 408-417.
  • Decker, Catharina and Joachim Kersten (2015): Minority Police Officers’ Contribution to Police-Ethnic Minority Conflict Management, European Journal of Policing Studies, 2 (4): 461-481.
  • Decker, Catharina and Niels Van Quaquebeke (2015): Getting Respect from a Boss You Respect: How Different Types of Respect Interact to Explain Subordinates’ Job Satisfaction as Mediated by Self-Determination, Journal of Business Ethics, 131 (3): 543-556.